Apr 13

A Game of Thrones : EXCEL!

First of all I just want mention what a huge fan I am of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, without these novels I would have been seriously lacking a huge piece of the  motivation that has been driving my ideas. So thank you George Raymond Richard Martin, for giving the world such masterpiece novels.

With that said, Imagine if this was a fighting game? Fuck yeah!! The match-ups that would be possible? I would definitely main Syrio and Jon and maayybe Joffery (don’t hate). I got really motivated before the second season of ” A Game of Thrones” aired on HBO, I though to myself, hmmmm, what kind of tribute could I give to this series? and BAM, two seconds later “s fighting game!”. I could not think a a better franchise that deserves one so I decided to mock one up, and well, above are the result. I am pretty happy with the way that the mock screenshot came out and I got a lot a great feed back from you guys in the art and gaming community, it got feature in many gaming site  such as Kotaku, G4blog and Topless Robot and even in Sci fi/Fantasy blog sites such as IO9, I owe that all to the online community, so thanks again guys.

The battle scene took about three days to complete.I used photo blue lead,pencil, PS CS5, Paint tool sai, a bit of google sketch up, some textures and photos, all while listening to Tenacious D, Dragonforce, Rhapsody and a shit load more of music.

Personally, I would love if a company such as Capcom, Arksys, or Playmore SNK picked up the rights to do a 2D fighter, hell, I’ll take 3D there’s nothing wrong with that.

So tell me, which company would you prefer see create such a game?

Ok Im off now to work on Tyrion vs Cersei, time to get to work  =)

Kotaku – Please, God, Bring this Game of Thrones Game to life

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