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Editor’s Request – Game of Thrones EXCEL! Tyrion vs Cersei w/Strikers

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"Backhand of the king"

First of all, special thanks to those who collaborated with me . Albert Li (Fiercestbard) who drew up some awesome Varys and Petyr cameos to the background and Melissa Dejesus (MistressMiel) for that sweet ass table and candlestick.

With that said, I guess I have never asked myself  this question. Who would win in a fight between Tyrion and Cersei Lannister? Hmmm, its debatable. On one hand we have Cersei, a treaty ripping , incest breeding, power hungry super bitch, which actually sounds like someone you just do not mess with . On the other hand is a brave imp, with pockets deeper than Atalantis and words so sharp they could cut straight through any steel and into the brain. To me they both sound pretty damn deadly, buuut if I was a betting man I would have to go with Tyrion. Lets face it it would come down to who has the most influence, charisma and and a better bitch slap. I think we can all agree that it is extremely hard not liking Tyrion and satisfyingly easy to hate Cersei ( but nowhere near as much as Joffery). Tell me, who do you think who win?

Tyrion                               Cersei

Skill – 3                          Skill – 2

Power – 4                     Power – 5

Defense – 10                Defense – 9

Speed – 1                       Speed – 3

Charisma – 10             Charisma – 1

**Striker – 10              **Striker – 7


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  1. Dave

    While I like Tyrion much more than Cercei’s character, Cersei would most likely win in a duel. If Tyrion would win, it would be due to brains alone.

    Also, Cersei has more power as she’s twice the size of Tyrion. He is a dwarf.

  2. Dynamaito

    yeah Tyrion wold be a tough match for even the strongest of opponents. Good call on the power, she is twice the size of Tyrion giving her a pretty good kick advantage. I’ll jack her power stat one notch, thanks.

  3. Leon

    Have you never met a dwarf before? They have some pretty proportionate strength in comparison to “Big” people, sometimes size has nothing to do with it. I’m fairly tall and I can tell you Cersei would be hard pressed in an actual fight.

    1. Dynamaito

      I suppose you right about that. I have met a dwarf before but never squared off with him, However, I definitely knew he was strong. He always lifted heavy these ass boxes at my job.
      I guess the only advantage Cersei would really have over Tyrion (without Bronn)would probably be reach, Good observation.

      1. Suzaku

        It’s true. Novels make it pretty clear that Tyrion’s not a bad soldier. On hourseback and with his preferred weapon (battle axe, suits his stocky build and relatively powerful upper body), Tyrion’s about as good a soldier as anyone else.

        And when it comes to strikers, Cersei’s actually got a particularily strong member of the Kingsguard in her corner…

        1. Dynamaito

          Tyrion is actually quite the soldier. I only based the skill lvl were it to be a one on one battle, in which,technically, should still be higher than a 3.

          lol yeah Cersei does have a pretty powerful Kingsguard at her side, But I would make him more of a main fighter (probably top tier) rather than a striker. But yeah, good call.

  4. vasilis


  5. Daniel Racca

    Awensome! Looking forward to seeing the next drawing!

    1. Dynamaito

      Thanks =)

  6. Roshi

    Wow, so wish that this was a real game, it would be ridiculously fun!! Would love to see more of your work (especially Littlefinger vs Varys). Keep it up, you’re doing great :)

  7. source

    I experimented with viewing your site with my mobile phone and the design does not seem to be right. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cell phone layouts are not working with your web page.

  8. Biderbeck

    that is freakin awesome!!! do you have a list of what you will be working on next ie which pair of fighters? Does every fighter have a striker? and in your fighting scenario how is charisma used? Cerci has enough charisma to charm anyone out of their pants (well except Stannis) and while not a political mastermind she can hold her own as she does have a strong influence over others so i’d move hre charisma up to at least 7. This artwork is beautiful i just love it.

    1. Dynamaito

      Sorry for the late reply and thank you, I am glad you like them! Right now I am about 30% done with the next screen shot which is Robert vs Dany. Not every figther has a striker, like Robert Baratheon would be more of a boss type character and a Character like Gregor Clegane can probably go without one. Yeah, as I keep reading I am beginning to see Cersei has a lot more Charisma, I’ll make the tweak =). Once again thanks, more will come soon.

  9. Marcelo

    I think Cersei’s Charisma should be higher. I mean, she uses her pussy to get what she wants a lot. That definitely makes a difference.

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